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NetSuite is engineered to scale with businesses as they grow and to streamline mission-critical processes. In turn, this allows them to continue focusing on what they do best and to react to new market opportunities swiftly and confidently. From advanced financials to supply chain management to billing and beyond, NetSuite ERP gives companies the tools they need to accelerate growth and drive innovation.

What is Scrap ERP?

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. Scrap ERP integrates the various essential processes of your business into one system and allows the various departments to operate from a single shared database. The benefits of such a strategy can be game-changing.

Since everyone works off the same information, the organization has a real-time look at operations. There is also no longer a need to merge disparate databases together and generate reports. This has many benefits: in the scrap industry, inbound and outbound tickets flow into the financial system automatically, allowing bookkeepers to reconcile transactions faster. Yards have a clearer idea of inventory and operations, which makes it easier to track material regrades and transfers while ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Scrap ERP also helps maintain supplier and customer relationships, allowing yards to easily track customer account statuses as well as obtain new suppliersand customers and keep them essential to growing business overall.

Finally, automation and integration for both hardware and other software applications have huge implications for the overall accuracy of inventory and financials. Managing real-time peddler and industrial pricing, freight factoring, receiving inbound loads against purchase contracts and tracking outbound shipments against sales contracts requires a single source of truth database.  Using an ERP reduces duplication and saves time when there are so many moving parts, and an ERP software automates the functions that normally would take a team of employees to do. Adoption could spur significant productivity and efficiency improvements in an industry that is a decade or more behind technology-wise in many cases.

ERP solutions can be hosted on-site; however, for the global scrap processing industry, a cloud-based solution is likely far more beneficial and cost-effective. One example of cloud-based ERP platforms is Oracle NetSuite, which PopScrap has chosen for its integrated cloud-based Scrap ERP solution. The implementation of the ERP platform is managed by PopScrap's in-house NetSuite services team.


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In the cloud = more control for your scrap business

Cloud-based WeighPay compliance software solutions eliminate costly and complex outdated servers for easy global administration on any internet connected device through an advanced intuitive web based application.

Combinded with NetSuite / Oracle, we have created a unified business management suite for the scrap metal and recycling industry. SuiteScrap offers a powerful cloud-based scale front end, and cloud-based accounting ERP back end solution that helps you manage your scrap business from anywhere, 24/7, securely and with confidence, while streamlining processes that helps take cost out of your business.