Scrap Metal ERP

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A modern, cloud-based solution that grows with you, every step of the way

Modern-day scrap metal recycling businesses need a modern, agile business solution that is cost-effective, scales rapidly and future-proofs your company for long-term innovation and growth. Too often, however, growing scrap yards and recycling centers are held back by entry-level software systems that stifle growth and unreliable manual processes that cut into performance and profitability.

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NetSuite meets the evolving business requirements of fast-growing companies at every stage of their growth. It is the #1 choice to run financials/ERP, CRM and e-commerce applications in the cloud. From emerging businesses and start-ups to established businesses, NetSuite empowers modern, fast-growing companies, both private and public, to unlock their growth potential. Our cloud-based solutions streamline mission-critical business processes and reduce IT costs, allowing you to easily scale and future-proof your business with an agile business platform that evolves as your needs change.

For more information about how Scrap Metal ERP can help streamline your scrap metal recycling business or to schedule a demonstration, please call +1 (888) 440-8858 or fill out our online form today!

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In the cloud = more control for your scrap business

Cloud-based WeighPay compliance software solutions eliminate costly and complex outdated servers for easy global administration on any internet connected device through an advanced intuitive web based application.

Combinded with NetSuite / Oracle, we have created a unified business management suite for the scrap metal and recycling industry. SuiteScrap offers a powerful cloud-based scale front end, and cloud-based accounting ERP back end solution that helps you manage your scrap business from anywhere, 24/7, securely and with confidence, while streamlining processes that helps take cost out of your business.