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PopScrap's Secret Sauce

Scrap Metal Technology Consultants

Simply relying on NetSuite to advance scrap ERP isn’t enough. Deployment of ERP software is a massive undertaking – often taking months to complete – and supporting the deployment is a time-intensive process.

For this reason, PopScrap has assembled a world-class team of experienced NetSuite and WeighPay implementation consultants that understand the complex nature of replacing your current ERP financial and scale software solutions. The importance of this cannot be understated. PopScrap has earned Oracle NetSuite’s Built-for-NetSuite accreditation in 2017, a BFN badge requires years of dedicated development work and requires ongoing testing to remain an approved SuiteApp.

PopScrap will manage both the sales and implementation processes for WeighPay for NetSuite ERP, providing its customers access to more than 16 dedicated consultants, collectively carrying over 85 NetSuite certifications. This frees PopScrap to focus on developing new and exciting features while ensuring that each and every customer on the WeighPay for NetSuite ERP platform has access to our consultants for a successful ERP software deployment.

One of the most overlooked components when implementing an ERP is the painstaking task of requirements gathering. This in-depth look at every process in your business helps produce what’s called a BRD, or Business Requirements Document. The BRD is necessary to ensure an effective, functional ERP deployment.

PopScrap's NetSuite team guides clients through every phase of their implementation, from requirements gathering and project planning to system design, data migration, customization, and training and support. The driving force of the PopScrap NetSuite team is to implement technology solutions that make your business better. This starts by understanding your business needs and unique processes, so you’re left with a best-fit solution that will yield valuable results and a high return on your technology investment. This in-depth look into your operations and financials provides a 360-degree documented picture of your entire global operations. Precise, thorough execution of the BRD is what PopScrap is known for, having completed hundreds of successful NetSuite implementations with high client satisfaction.

PopScrap's VP of NetSuite Services, Paul Doucet is the “secret sauce” that separates WeighPay for NetSuite ERP from other scrap ERP offerings. Paul's 20 years of enterprise experience in building and leading NetSuite teams has created the largest most experienced Technology Consulting practice in the scrap metal industry. 

PopScrap's NetSuite division is comprised of over 20 technology consultants that work directly with PopScrap's in-house development team for a one-stop solution.

PopScrap's NetSuite division specializes in not only ERP solutions like NetSuite, Quickbooks, and other financial solutions but also complex hardware integrations like the Diebold ATM machines that eliminate 3rd party software licenses and support fees.

This expertise, coupled with the PopScrap's status as a 13+-year-old software solution provider to the scrap metal industry, allows WeighPay for NetSuite ERP customers to leverage technology, financial, and industry experts in the US, Canada, and the EU.  No other scrap metal software vendor has a similar enterprise technology team to deploy their ERP platforms, which means most customers will be able to both deploy and maintain WeighPay for NetSuite ERP with substantially less overhead and in far less time.


ERP implementation info


Implementation Approach


  • Executed by a combined project of your team and PopScrap NetSuite personnel
  • Change management principles applied throughout the project


  • Adjusted to your timeline, your organization, and your requirements
  • Detailed work plan customized after the discovery phase and delivery of business requirements document


• Consistently addresses your people and your business process in addition to your technology

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In the cloud = more control for your scrap business

Cloud-based WeighPay compliance software solutions eliminate costly and complex outdated servers for easy global administration on any internet connected device through an advanced intuitive web based application.

Combinded with NetSuite / Oracle, we have created a unified business management suite for the scrap metal and recycling industry. SuiteScrap offers a powerful cloud-based scale front end, and cloud-based accounting ERP back end solution that helps you manage your scrap business from anywhere, 24/7, securely and with confidence, while streamlining processes that helps take cost out of your business.